When buying a CCTV camera system for your office or place of residence, there are some features that are a MUST HAVE, while others are just nice and flashy. You want a system that boasts the highest quality detail that catches intruders and allows you to make them recognisable.

Remote Tracking: Video management applications and Network Video Recorders (NVRs) enable you to see and manage several cameras at the same time from any PC with internet, it is also manageable via mobile phones with internet as well. With more than 80% of the people using the internet on a daily basis, web-based surveillance is the handiest and most advanced video technology current on the market.

Scalability: For most cctv security systems, new security cameras can be added at any given time by buying new permits. If you do purchase a couple of CCTV security cameras at the beginning, you may rest assured knowing that any new camera handled along with your other security cameras and you buy in the future can be added.

Megapixel Image Quality: Based on the Association of Police Officers, 80% of surveillance footage is unusable by law enforcement due to poor video quality. Megapixel image quality, not located on CCTV video, ensures the video footage is going to be of the highest quality, a professional standard honoured by every one of our network surveillance cameras. The result is decreased noise; sharper images; better detail and motion blur; and higher frames per second. Recognition of faces and permit areas becomes easier with this latest technology.

Night Vision: With so many crimes happening at night, this is the most important feature on a camera. Offices have a 90% more chance of being hit at night, while houses on the other hand have a 60% chance of a night raid.

In conclusion, all you need is top quality image display, external monitoring and night vision and with that, the intruders have an 85% more chance of being caught.